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Teacher Academy

Teachers want to learn from teachers. My experience leading professional development at the local, district, state, and regional level is built upon over two decades as a public school educator.

Through Teacher Academy, I offer professional development and training services for schools and educational organizations in a variety of specialized topics designed for educators who work at the secondary school level. As an educator, it is my goal to have a much broader impact than what I can have on just my limited number of personal students. The best way for me to increase the scope of my influence is to use my experience and expertise to train other teachers in literacy best practices for adolescent learners. 

Professional Development Topics

  • Interactive Literacy Centers in the Secondary Classroom

  • The Art of Co-Teaching in the General Education Classroom

  • Innovative Reading Intervention for Adolescent Learners

  • Literacy in the Content Areas

  • Literacy in Career Technical Education

  • Literacy Best Practices: Morphology and Etymology Basics

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