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ACT Academy

The primary ACT test prep service I offer is my highly-successful ACT Academy program. ACT Academy is more than a workshop: It is a comprehensive program that includes direct instruction, guided practice, and coaching in preparation for an official ACT National Test Date.


Understandably, parents have a lot of questions.   I've outlined the most common questions below.  Please read through these first; if you still have questions, get in touch.

ACT Academy FAQs

What is the format of the ACT Academy workshops and when are they held?

The ACT Academy workshop is available in either a virtual or in-person format. The in-person workshop is five hours and is held at my Learning Studio in Diamondhead, Mississippi. I usually schedule both Saturday and Sunday afternoon options four weeks prior to the test date. The virtual workshop is "live" using Google Meet and is broken into two 2.5 hour evening sessions, usually on the Tuesday and Thursday prior to the in-person workshops. I have recently added an in-person evening option on the Monday and Wednesday of that same week. If students choose either weeknight option, they must participate both evenings. The virtual workshop is not recorded; therefore, students have to be available to participate on those specific dates.

What is ACT Academy guided practice?

After participating in the initial workshop (whether in-person or virtually), students will complete the remainder of the ACT Academy program through my Google Classroom. There is no additional scheduled "face-to-face" time. I offer a variety of study plans to choose from, as well as all of the resources students need to prepare for the next ACT -- including a series of lessons designed to walk students through a minimum of three practice tests. Students complete each lesson at their own pace (based on the study plan they choose), share their results with me, and I provide on-going feedback and suggestions via Google Classroom. I will continue to work with students via Google Classroom for as long as they continue to prepare for future ACT tests; however, there are fees for any additional "live" face-to-face time (whether virtual or in-person).

How much does ACT Academy cost?

The cost for the entire program is only $150/student. I like to emphasize that ACT Academy is a comprehensive PROGRAM and not just a WORKSHOP. The students who achieve the greatest results are those who take what they've learned in the workshop and put it into practice. They complete the guided lessons in Google Classroom and communicate with me about the results of each assignment. This process is designed so that I can "coach" students to success and is what sets my program apart from others.

Is it helpful to repeat ACT Academy?

Some students will choose to repeat the ACT Academy workshop at a later date if they feel they need a refresher course. However, please understand that each ACT Academy workshop covers the exact same content and utilizes the same materials. Because of the high demand for my workshops, I do have to charge the regular $150 fee for repeaters. Those spots fill up very quickly, so I cannot offer it free when I often have a waiting list for new students.

Will you travel to conduct an ACT Academy workshop in another city?

  • I will travel for out-of-town workshops with the exception of the following Mississippi counties: Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Pearl River, and Stone.

  • One parent must serve as the "point person" who is responsible for securing an appropriate location, recruiting participants, and maintaining communication with me & all parties involved.

  • There must be a minimum of 15 registered (& paid) students. There is an additional cost per student (beyond the regular $150 fee), which is determined by the distance I am traveling.

  • Registration fees are non-refundable, but are transferable to a future virtual or in-person (Diamondhead, MS) workshop.

  • My availability for out-of-town workshops is very limited, and open dates often fill months in advance. Interested parents should contact me at least two months prior to their preferred workshop dates.

Do you offer ACT Academy workshops for schools?

Yes, I do. School administrators should contact me for specific details.

Do you offer ACT private tutoring?

All new students must first participate in ACT Academy prior to scheduling private ACT tutoring sessions. These sessions can be customized to meet the needs of the individual student. For example, I can plan the sessions to focus on only one of the four sub-tests if needed. If a student wishes to schedule a one-time private session, I recommend at least two hours for the session. Most students schedule more than one session, and I often have students who attend on a weekly basis. I can make a recommendation based upon the needs of the student. I customize the study plans for private tutoring students. My availability for private tutoring is limited, so my calendar is often full weeks in advance. Private 1-1 tutoring is $60/hr.

What is ACT Advanced?

Once current/former ACT Academy students have a 28+ composite score (not super score), they are eligible to participate in ACT Advanced. It is a five-hour private session, and the cost is $300. New students who already have a 30+ composite score (not super score) are also eligible to enroll in ACT Advanced, even if they have never completed ACT Academy. (Because of limited availability, priority is given to students who have already completed ACT Academy.) ACT Advanced can be broken into multiple sessions, rather than one, five-hour session. I also customize the study plans for all ACT Advanced students.

What are ACT Crash Courses?

The newest addition to the ACT test prep services I offer are ACT Crash Courses, which are one-hour “live” virtual sessions covering specific topics from each of the four ACT subtests. For example, a recent  ACT English Crash Course focused on comma usage & common punctuation errors, and a recent ACT Math Crash Course focused on word problems & question sets. Cost for each Crash Course is $30. These sessions are not recorded.

When should a student begin ACT prep?

Parents often contact me with questions about when students should begin formal preparation for the ACT. I do not accept students prior to the summer before their 9th grade year. However, I don’t often recommend that 9th graders participate in ACT Academy during the fall semester. I personally had both of my sons take their first official ACT in December of 9th grade with no preparation in order to get a baseline score. I did show them what the test looked like and explained the instructions for each section, but did not provide any additional preparation. Of course, every student is different. Parents are encouraged to tell me more about their children so I can make individualized suggestions. If a student is heading into 10th grade as a first-time test taker, I typically recommend that they participate in ACT Academy prior to their first ACT.

What options are there for evaluating test scores?

Test Information Release

For students taking the ACT in April, June, or September, there is an option to purchase ACT Test Information Release (TIR).   (Please confirm with to verify dates & availability.)  By purchasing the Test Information Release (TIR), you will receive a digital copy of the multiple-choice test questions, your answers, a copy of your answer document, the answer key, and the conversion table used in determining your ACT scores.

The cost is $32 if ordered before the test date and $40 if ordered after the test date.

There is additional information and you can place your order at:

Test Information Release Analysis

When you receive your TIR from the ACT, contact me to register for an analysis of your scores to determine strengths & weakness so that you can better prepare for the next ACT. You will receive a detailed report that outlines the topics/skills for each missed question, as well as suggestions and next steps. I only have time to do a limited number of these, so if you want to get on my list prior to receiving your scores, please complete the registration form.

Cost for the ACT TIR Analysis is only $50.

Thanks for reading all of this!  Still have questions?  Please contact me.
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